Life Hacks | 5 Lies You Can Say To Your Partner

lies to your partner

Lying to another human being is generally a “bad thing”; but it’s the kind of bad is repeatedly done all the time. In a relationship, they say trust is the foundation so when a partner lies, is it automatically considered breaking the trust? Well experts say not necessarily, especially when your intention is to keep the peace. Here are some “okay” lies you can make to your partner.

  1. Say “you’re right” even when your partner is not. Do this to stop flaming the fire, which is anger. Do this most especially when you are about to argue in a public place.
  2.  Say “you look great” to avoid hurting your partner’s feelings. If a notorious blunt, well, it’s a good idea to keep your thoughts inside when your partner asks this “does these jeans make me look fat?”
  3. Say “I love you more than anything” to keep the relationship stronger. It’s a deceptive affection. But you have to make sure the feeling is genuine.
  4. Say “I’m fine” to reassure your partner. It’s sometimes annoying when your partner constantly asks you if you’re okay. It’s their protective buffering.
  5. Say “I understand” to show empathy. Even when you don’t totally get it, work on it. But in the meat just say you understand.

    lies to your partner

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