Observing the health of every family member is a important part of a happy family. Many devices have been introduced to help people gather health data safely and accurately. Thermo, the One Touch Wi-Fi Thermometer is one of the medical gadgets used to collect health data. It is a stylish thermometer that utilizes using the latest technology. Its operating principle and some of its significant features have been discussed in this article.


Thermo is a health device which uses the HotSpotSensor technology to measure body temperature. During temperature measurement, the reading can be displayed on its LED display unit or on a smart device through WiFi synchronization. Unlike the traditional thermometers such as ear and oral thermometers, thermo is used externally.


Thermo is designed to be user-friendly. No technical experienced is required to operate it. The device is simply placed on the forehead and a button pressed to initiate the measuring process. Using an inbuilt sensor array, temperature readings are taken within seconds and displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.



While traditional thermometers restrict you to choose between accuracy and comfort, thermo combines the two. It’s used on the skin, but not inside the ear canal or the mouth. This functional feature makes it much safer and cleaner for all family members. Think of using a mouth thermometer; could you use it for a month old kid? It sounds rough since the kid is too young to withstand objects in its mouth.


Thermo utilizes the HotSpotSensor Technology, a latest technology used in modern gadgets. It consists of 16 inbuilt infrared sensors that makes it highly sensitive and able to take temperature within seconds. The readings are displayed with a light touch of the button. Temperature is assessed from the temporal artery, which is the most precise area for temperature evaluation. This boosts the precision of the device.


Thermo displays readings using a color system to make them easy to interpret. The system is structured as follows:

  • Green font – represents normal heat levels
  • Orange font – moderate temperature
  • Red font – Shows high temperatures

A Red display alarms you to seek a health professional since your temperature is abnormal.

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Thermo does not only record data, it can also store and share information to a Smartphone through a dedicated app. It synchronizes automatically via Bluetooth of Wi-Fi. Once connected to the app health data can be stored, tracked and also shared with a health professional. Thermo diaries for up to eight users can be recorded and stored using a single thermo connected to the dedicated app. Simple analysis about user’s health, symptoms and/or medication can be obtained from the app. This makes health monitoring easier and effective.


Thermo is the first WiFi connected thermometer. Once it is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it sends readings automatically to the smartphone. Thus, data can easily be stored on the dedicated app.

It has made temperature taking easy and convenient. Thermo vibrates to notify the user that the process is over and a reading has already been recorded. It’s Compact and portable to ease transportation.


Thermo – The One Touch Wi-Fi Thermometer is a life changer. It is simple, reliable and hygienic. It’s by far the safest way to measure body temperature. It is an essential medical gadget for every family. With Thermo, heath professionals track body temperatures easily. Choosing thermo is the right way for easier management and monitoring of fever episodes.

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